Hola! my name is Paulo. I am a creative developer passionate about exploring cutting edge technology-enabled interactions and connecting people through meaningful and innovative experiences.
I have taught introductory and advanced Physical Computing and Interactive Media courses at for the last 6 years. As a professor, I have led academic projects and contributed to the development of the creative programming and interactive media community in Ecuador.
In 2018, I co-founded , a company focused on providing quality digital services to clients in Ecuador, Brazil and USA. Since its beginnings, NIDO has built websites and developed mobile, AR and VR experiencies for more than 50 clients. I have been responsible for selecting the technologies for and supervising the development of a 100% of NIDO's projects.
NuxtJS, WordPress, ThreeJS, A-Frame, Processing, Unity, Unreal Engine, Qt, openFrameworks, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Resolume Arena, among others, are some of the tools I've had the opportunity to become familiar with and use on client projects. Find out more about some of my projects on the section.