Projection mapping + interactive experience on a cylindrical screen.



Aguamundi was one of the first projects I led in Quito, Ecuador. Yaku Water Park Museum asked me to help them with a permanent video mapping installation on a cylindrical screen with a diameter of 40 feet. Usually museums in Ecuador do not manage the same budgets for this type of projects as they do in other countries. Resourcefulness is key in order to creatively solve the challenges faced when trying to successfully deliver a project with a low budget.

For this project I led pre-production and production of a panoramic video to be mapped on the cylindrical screen, as well as the final technology used to drive the installation. A gaming computer, together with 2 Datapath multidisplay controllers, and 8 - 3000 lumen projectors, were used for the final video mapping. A Kinect, together with a webcam were added in order to implement basic interactive activity as part of the installation.

This installation is still active and has been running without issues since January 2018.