Casa del Alabado

Website + ecommerce built for a museum highlighting the cultural creation of pre-Columbian cultures.

Casa del Alabado


Museo Casa del Alabado is a museum in Quito, Ecuador dedicated to highlighting the extraordinary cultural creation of the pre-Columbian cultures in America. As many, it was affected by COVID-19, but it adapted quickly and started offering online activities to its visitors. At the same time, we started working together on a new website and booking system in order to better control the amount of visitors once it was allowed to reopen its doors.

The new website design was proposed but the communication department of the museum. Wordpress, together with Woocommerce, was used to put together the website. I custom developed some elements and templates in order to satisfy the client design requirements . Yootheme visual editor was also installed to make content and design edition easier for non developers. The website is now available in two languages and third languages is planned to be added in the future.

This website is live at