BdP Touch

A series of digital experiences developed for a futuristic bank branch.

BdP Touch


BdP Touch is a brand new bank agency by Banco del Pacífico. It was built with the future of banking in mind. I was contacted by the bank per recommendation of Ideum, a company dedicated to create digital experiences and design integrated hardware products for public spaces, from which I had purchased multitouch screens for a previous project. I was asked to lead and supervised the integration between the interactive applications developed for the agency and the signage platform running on videowalls and multitouch screens supplied by another provider.

This was a pretty challenging project due to limitations we found on the digital signage managing software that had been previously purchased by the client. Even though the signage software accepted html5, it had a lot trouble dealing with webgl and resource intensive applications. Since the digital manage software was built using chromium at is base, some research was necessary before we found plausible solutions in order to run the interactive applications that were developed using three.js and Web Audio API.

We had to provide assistance regarding a couple of hardware issues we found. After some source code modifications and runtime flags added to the software executable everything ended up running smoothly. The client was extremely pleased with the results and our assistance.