Multimedia technology consultancy for Ecuador's National Museum.



MuNa - Ecuador's National Museum reopened its doors in May 2018 after a complete renovation. I led the team behind hardware selection and software development for all the interactive installations in the new museum. A 360 cylindrical projection screen, 9 multi-touch screens and 14 video screens were part of this project. Some interactive installations replaced multi-touch interaction with embodied interaction using either web cameras or Kinect skeletal tracking.


Ideum ( multi-touch screens were used to run a series of interactive applications that allowed visitors to explore content through interactive timelines, photogrammetries, games and maps. A VIOSO ( projection server with auto-alignment technology and 6 EPSON projectors were used to display a custom produced 360 video on a cylindrical screen. ELO ( screens were initially used to display video content but leaving open the possibility to use their multi-touch capabilities in the future. Video content was presented with directional audio which was achieved using directional sound domes from Brown Innovations (

A mobile audio guide application and the museum's were also part of this project.