Museo del Pasillo

A series of multimedia experiences developed for a museum tracing the history of pasillo music genre in Ecuador.

Museo del Pasillo


In this project, I lead development of a series of interactive applications for Museo del Pasillo in Quito, Ecuador. The central government of Ecuador was responsible for putting together a museum dedicated to tracing the history of pasillo music genre in 2018. A wide range of professionals were hired to make it happen.

The first interactive consisted of a game that exposed visitors to how pasillo was danced during Ecuador's colonial period. Visitors are exposed to an experience similar to a videogame where they can choose a role and try to replicate the steps given by a visual guide. A scoring system was implemented using Kinect skeleton tracking in order to match users positions to the prerecorded dancing steps. The complete experience was developed using Unity.

A second interactive application consisted of three multitouch screens were visitors could search a large database of pasillo singers, composers and audio tracks. The interface and search system were developed and implemented using Unity as well.

A third installation involved the videomapping of 5 antique devices and instruments related to pasillo music genre. Resolume Arena and an Arduino were used to control the synchronization of all the projections part of the installation.

The fourth and final installation required modifying and old jukebox. The idea was to offer an experience that blended the traditional way of selecting songs by pushing buttons, with a custom designed modern digital feedback system. As in karaoke, visitors could choose a song and sing along while lyrics would display on a screen in front of them. At the end of the experience they could take a picture of themselves. The application digitally placed their favorite artist in the background of the picture and email it to the visitor. Openframeworks and Arduino were used to implement this experience.

The museum opened its doors in December 2018 with all this experiences running smoothly and entertaining visitors from all over the world.