Nosotros Robots

Robot mounting, troubleshooting and tech support for Telefonica's "Nosotros, Robots" exhibition.

Nosotros Robots


Nosotros Robots is an exhibition that reflects on the challenges facing humanity with the unstoppable development of robots and the possibilities they offer to transform the future. Telefónica Ecuador presented a selection of around 20 robots for this exhibition. Due to COVID-19, none of the engineers responsible for putting together the robots were able to travel and be physically present in the space where the exhibition was mounted. I was then contacted to, under remote assistance, become responsible for mounting all the robots for the exhibition. Most of the robots didn't need a lot of work to setup. Nonetheless, those which needed to be powered did required some troubleshooting. Luckily, most of them had an Arduino micro-controller under the hood. I follow my usual process to measure each of the sensors signals and fix what wasn't working either on the electronics or on the programming side.

Additionally, I took care of all the multimedia setup for the exhibition. This involved 2 video-mapping installations, continuous display of video content on 7 screens and development of 2 mobile applications : an AR application to provide additional information for some of the robots displayed on the exhibition timeline, and a second application where users could read scanned comic books that had robots as their main characters. Both applications were developed using Unity and are currently in the process of being re-built as webapps using NuxtJS and AR.js

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this exhibition in particular didn't receive any visitors on site. Telefónica Ecuador offered a virtual tour through their webpage. You can take the virtual tour on the following link.