Say What I Say

Remote collaboration with projection artist Motomichi Nakamura.

Say What I Say


Say What I Say is a project by projection artist Motomichi Nakamura, in which visitors are welcomed to stand by a lectern placed in the center of a room and speak to a microphone. As visitors speak, (or scream if they wish), 4 animated faces projected onto balloons react to volume and frequency perceived from the voice and move their mouths simultaneously with the visitor. For this project I was contacted to remotely lead, assist and developed software for the installation.

Time was short and budget limited, so we decided to use 4 RaspberryPi devices and Openframeworks. One RaspberryPi was responsible for reading audio input and send control messages to the other RaspberryPi. Each RaspberryPi would be running a custom built video mapping application that would react to the received messages resulting on the artist desired effect.

I have kept helping Motomichi in some projects after collaborating with him on Say What I Say.